Extremely bold and jarringly candid, author Hector La Fosse’s autobiographical novel No Regrets: The Journey pulls the reader into the nuances and details of a life incredibly violent and dysfunctional, the stuff of punishing bad dreams and literal nightmares. The author takes the reader on a no holds bared journey through the streets of a New York City populated by a unique fauna of criminals, misfits, dreamers and miscreants, all vying for the all elusive American dream. Mambo, a Salsa Dancing Street Gangster, and Lollipop, a Gay Manhattan Drug Dealer, shine amongst the many colorful characters composing this gritty modern urban tableau.

No Regrets: The Journey

  • An inspirational story of survival and hope, of accepting and embracing life and all of its challenges as a rigorous trek with different means, yet with a purpose, No Regrets: The Journey delivers a satisfying conclusion to a life of suffering and despair.